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A quick bit about me.......

I have, maybe not a passion for but certainly a strong interest in a variety of areas. Conservation, travel, camping, caring for the environment, outdoor stuff & VW camper vans. No, correction. I definitely have a passion for some of these? Definitely the campers. And camping. And travel. And...and.... OK it's more than an interest. I can't stand high street stores or window shopping (I just don't understand that at all) but will happily wander around markets, junk shops & especially charity shops for a few hours. I do appreciate a bargain. Thrift and second hand is a way of life for me. Anything I can give a new lease of life to by making it into something else is a little creative victory.

I'm a big fan of the outdoors, all things quirky, vintage, retro, hippy, upcycled, second hand and cuddling up on sofa with a blanket, a good movie and popcorn. I currently live in Essex with my husband, 2 children, 2 tiny hamsters, a grumpy cat called Smudge and our mischievous but adorable dog Fonzie.

So where did Fairy Free Cakes come from? It all started with my friend MK and a wedding.

I started baking at my Grandma's kitchen worktop, standing on a stool so I could reach. Whenever we visited she always had a cake ready for tea. My Grandma could bake anything. Her house always smelled of baking bread and wood dust from my Grandad's workshop. They lived in a little village in Hampshire in a 3 bedroom semi. I loved that house. My Grandma made and grew everything. If she couldn't grow it or make it they didn't have it. Fast forward twenty baking free years to my friend's 40th birthday. I was completely broke and wanted to give her a gift. I rummaged around in my tiny kitchen, pulled out my grandma's old recipe book and some ingredients and made my friend a cake.

Fast forward a few more years (I've been baking quite a lot by now) and my friend MK is coming to our wedding. She is a ceoliac and dairy intolerant. We were having an afternoon tea and I didn't want her to have to bring her own food so I started to look at alternatives for her to eat. I was surprised and disappointed to find there was so little choice, especially if dairy intolerant. Some bakeries do a sideline of suitable cakes but the options are still limited or less than what you'd hope for. Upon further investigation I discovered there were no sites on line dedicated solely to cakes suitable for those with food allergies. This inspired me to start experimenting with recipes to make the very best cakes that everyone can enjoy, regardless of what you can or cannot eat, thus, with encouragement from a couple of work colleagues, ever so slightly biased friends, and a long suffering business savvy husband, I took the plunge to bring a little bit of joy to the world, one cake at a time and Fairy Free Cakes was born.

I love to bake. I care about our environment, the impact our choices have on our planet and the effects food production can have on our bodies. I use only carefully sourced and produced ingredients and in time will be entirely organic.

My passionate desire is to make cakes that not only look great but taste amazing and are suitable for everyone. They taste rather fab even if I do say so myself. No need to take my word for it though, there is always a cake or 2 popping up at a get together so spread the word, after all, who doesn't like cake or yummy gooey brownies!

Many people believe that free from, or vegan, cakes are missing vital ingredients. Others think that they are made from ingredients that have no business being in a cake - yes I've actually had that said to me - are either somehow inferior or 'thanks but I'll pass'. I'm going to change their minds and give you a treat. If you are one of the thousands of people in the UK just like me who have an intolerance to food groups, the days of no cake are over! So go on, take a look, what takes your fancy?

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